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Chop2bowl Collapsible Water and Food Bowl Chopping Board


  • Folds into a pet food and water bowl with easy clips & security locks
  • Soft grip handle allows to be hanged anywhere
  • Flat and Lightweight, Great for traveling, just store it in a purse or bag
  • Made with BPA free plastic so it safe for your pets

This is the only travel bowl in the market that uses folding technology and clips. Just fold and snap on the clips and you are ready to feed your furry friend. The chop2bowl allows you to fill up to 3 cups of water or kibble. You can use the chop2bowl as a chopping board as well to dice vegetables or food. The chop2bowl is made of Food-safe polypropylene plastic and meets FDA standards. It is very light weight and can be easily store in a purse or laptop bag. Length and width of the the board is 11x8.5" when flat and 6x5x2" when folded into a bowl. The total weight of the bowl is less than 3oz.

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