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Thumb and Finger Pet Toothbrush Glove

Having trouble brushing your dog's teeth?
Try our easy to use Thumb and Finger dog Toothbrush glove on your pets to see great results and promote healthier teeth and gums. 

  • EASY TO USE- Put on the Dog Toothbrush Glove and just hug the tooth with your thumb and finger and gently pinch them together
  • GENTLE-Easy on your pets teeth and gums
  • It allows brushing by using the thumb and index finger. Both the front and rear of a tooth can be scrubbed simultaneously by gently pressing both fingers together over each tooth. Even if your dog does not like brushing, he/she will quickly become accustomed to brushing with the Dog Toothbrush Glove. It can be used with your right hand, left hand, or even both hands simultaneously.


Shipping dimensions-7.25x5 inches

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